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Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Chiropractic consults covered by insurance?

Depending on your health fund and level of cover, Chiropractic is eligible for rebates with the majority of health funds. We also have a HICAPS terminal so you can claim on the spot.


Q: Will I be treated on the same day as my initial consult?

For the majority of patients, treatment is provided immediately after the initial consult but only if no further investigation or referral is required. 

Q: Do I need a referral to see a Chiropractor?

No! Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners therefore you do not need a referral to see one.

Q: What is the 'cracking' or 'popping' sound heard during an adjustment?

This is simply a gas being released from the joint which in turn reduces the pressure within that joint that may have been causing pain and dysfunction.

Q: Is Chiropractic safe for children and pregnant patients?

Chiropractic is extremely safe for children and pregnant patients. Chiropractors are university trained to treat individuals of all body types especially children and pregnant patients. All adjustments and soft tissue techniques are tailored to the individual and their needs.

Q: Is there available parking at your premises?

We understand that parking convenience is very important to patients and we have ensured that parking should not be a hassle when you visit our premises. We have plenty of free onsite patient parking either directly out the front of our premises or rear parking which is accessible exclusively to patients of iThrive by downloading the free iBlue app to their Smartphone or Tablet. Otherwise, if you have to use the available street parking we recommend using the free EasyPark app to eliminate the hassle involved with ticket machines. Download these easy and convenient apps to your Smartphone for hassle-free parking.

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