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Our Approach

Our Occupational Therapy Approach

Why Choose iThrive Occupational Therapy for Children?

Our approach at iThrive West Leederville is multifaceted whereby the child is assessed in multiple areas and not just on the presenting symptom or area of struggle. iThrive therapists are experienced to adequately identify whether the child requires further intervention or referral to other practitioners where appropriate. We also have Speech Pathologists on site for ease of access and co-management if required.

Therapists at iThrive are devoted to communicating with all who are involved with the education of the child. This is to ensure there is no feeling of confusion or being overwhelmed by the numerous techniques of different practitioners/teachers.

Early Assessment and Intervention

We believe strongly in the importance of the early assessment of children in their schooling life so that any inhibitive learning traits do not prevent a child reaching their fullest potential in the classroom and in life. Whether it be visual, auditory, behavioural, physical, social or issues with their writing it is known that the earlier these issues are identified the more successful therapy outcomes can be. For this reason, iThrive is passionate about seeing children as soon as possible and screening tests are made available for this reason.

iThrive West Leederville Premises

iThrive West Leederville primarily operates out of custom built premises at 2/178 Railway Parade in West Leederville. The space was designed to provide a comprehensive assessment and one-on-one style of therapy complete with a gymnasium that’s not only necessary for therapy outcomes but also a great component for the child to enjoy attending therapy. They won’t want to leave!

Perth Occupational Therapy for Children
Occupational Thrapy for Children Perth
Occupational Therapy for Children

Our Difference

Therapists at iThrive West Leederville incorporate a range of learning styles to suit the child in need. We understand that no two children are alike and therefore no two children will receive the same intervention.

We also understand that intervention is necessary for the child as a whole. We have a large gym to accommodate the child’s gross motor development needs in a fun and engaging way.


We are experienced in realizing a child’s strengths, utilizing them and assisting them in increasing their level of self-confidence. Positive reinforcement techniques are used regularly to assist in the child’s development.

Occupational Therapy for Children Perth

Here at iThrive, therapists use specifically formulated, evidence based, reading, writing comprehension and numeracy systems in order for the child to thrive in these areas.

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