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What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy?

iThrive Group Paediatric Occupational Therapy for children focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, management, and co-management of school-aged children experiencing learning difficulties. Using a thorough assessment process and an outcome-based therapy style, our therapists’ aim is to ensure that no child goes through school inhibited by learning difficulties. Therapists at iThrive West Leederville understand that improving a child’s schooling performance at an early age will not only lead to better outcomes now but also better opportunities for that child in later life.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see our Occupational Therapists. If you believe your child may benefit from OT assessment and therapy, please get in touch today.

What We Treat

What We Treat

Our Children's Occupational Therapy team at iThrive is experienced in assessing and treating a range of learning disorders with excellent results. Below is a list of the more common issues that are present in our office. If your child is having difficulty with any of the following areas and you would like to them to be assessed by our experienced therapist, please don't hesitate to speak with our therapist directly.

Handwriting Difficulty
Fine and Gross Motor
Written Output
Developmental Delay
Behaviour & Concentration
Motivation Issues
High Functioning Autism
Literacy (Spelling/Grammar)
Sensory Processing Disorder

Learn more about our specialties here


We help children with handwriting difficulty, written output issues, dyslexia, dysgraphia and neatness. Read more here about how we can help your child at iThrive with our effective techniques.


We help children who have difficulty with reading and spelling and the associated anxiety that often accompanies the challenges in these areas. Read more about how we can help at iThrive.

Gross Motor

We have a fully equipped gymnasium on site to help children experiencing delays in gross motor development. Read more about our approach to gross motor therapy at iThrive.

Gross Motor

We provide assessment and therapy for a range of behavioural, attentional and concentration issues. Read more about our approach to these disorders at iThrive.

Sensory Processing

We provide assessment and therapy for a range of sensory processing disorders. Read more about our approach to these disorders at iThrive.

Sensory Processing Disorder
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