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Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) and pelvic girdle pain (PGP) are commonly experienced during pregnancy. Up to 80% of pregnant women may experience some form of LBP throughout their pregnancy. In some cases, the symptoms can minimize physical activity, cause withdrawal from social interaction and decrease in overall quality of life. Various factors involved in the development of LBP can be prevented and treated by conservative methods including Chiropractic care. Importantly, early identification and treatment of symptoms leads to a better prognosis. Additionally, chronic LBP following delivery is common with as many as 68% of mothers reporting LBP following delivery. Manual therapy and rehabilitation given by Chiropractors following delivery may prevent chronic LBP and PGP.

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What Happens To My Body During Pregnancy?

LBP during pregnancy is caused by both biomechanical and hormonal factors. The normal weight gain during pregnancy and the change in weight distribution causes changes in posture and a shift in centre of gravity placing more stress on the back and pelvis. Stretching of abdominal muscles to allow for the growing foetus also predisposes the back to pain. In addition to this, a hormone called Relaxin which increases dramatically during pregnancy causing increased laxity of ligaments further destabilizing the back and pelvis.

Typical Signs & Symptoms

Pain usually begins around the 18th week of pregnancy. Pelvic pain symptoms are commonly described as either deep or stabbing-like pain that originates just above the buttocks which may travel down the buttock to the thigh and calf muscles. Pain can also be experienced in the pubic symphysis. LBP originates in the lower back and may travel as low as the foot. Pain is worsened by various simple activities including walking, sitting and standing for prolonged periods, turning in bed dressing, undressing and stair climbing.

Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Hip Pain, Pregnancy, West Leederville, Perth, Wembley, Subiaco
Safe, Gentle and Effective Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are extensively trained in providing a modified version of treatment to pregnant patients that is both safe and effective. Additionally, postural awareness and activity modification advice form the foundation of care for LBP and PGP during pregnancy. Following the delivery of your baby, you may benefit from further gentle chiropractic treatment and strengthening and stabilization exercises that focus on the biomechanical imbalances caused by pregnancy and help relieve leftover back and/or pelvic pain.

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